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 Artist Cinque Smith has been drawing since the early age of  3. A self taught artist who originated out of Dayton Ohio and early on  inspired by illustration, film and music. Cinque cites his use of people as a vessel to have a  commonality and a spiritual connection with the viewer. Through visual story telling there has been no greater personal  instrument that has guided and helped him to cultivate and manifest his artistry.   His work is a combination of different techniques with a strong  emphasis on the human condition, thru color texture and symbolism.  

The name of his current exhibit is called " Better In Tune With The  Infinite ''.  I wanted to set out to create a body of work that captured  where I felt I was in my life creatively and spiritually. I am a firm  believer that art and music go hand in hand, so every piece was  essentially scored and tailored to evoke my spiritual expression. My  taste are as eclectic as my views and thoughts as it pertains to life.  My hope is that my work conveys a sense of awe and emotional engagement  with the viewer.

 As an  artist I work hard to develop works of art that resonates with the  audience, they are  essentially invited into my collective paradigm and are thrust into a  vast euphoric sense of commonality with the subject. That’s what I want  to bring  people when they see my work. My new body of work titled " Better In  Tune With The Infinite " is an extension of my journey over the course  of the last year being transfixed on over coming my insecurities and  pushing boundaries. I don’t seek  escapism but rather immense accountability with the viewer.  My work is a constant search to best interpret my views on the human  condition. I don't limit myself to one style medium and or said  technique because my life is not beholden to one ideology. My  inspiration and ideas change but the search for elevated humanity is  never ending. If the viewer stops for just a moment and stops to reflect  on a piece that I created, then I have done my job. 



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''The key to staying on top of things, is to treat everything like it's your first project. Just stay busy, stay working like it's your first day back when you were an intern that's how you try to treat things, just stay hungry''.

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